• Parade of Horse Breeds – Rosehill Stables September 12, 2015

    Family Fun Horse Event at Rosehill Stables

    Rosehill Stables – September 26 will find Sand Creek Soaps set up at the Parade of Horse Breeds event at RoseHill Stables.  Organized to benefit the Equine Rescue Group of the Southern Piedmont, we are looking forward to a fun day, filled with 30 different horse breeds, trainers and riders all hanging around just to introduce you to the world of horse ownership.

    Come see us, enjoy the day, introduce your children to the wonderful world of horses.  Pet a horse and donate a whole bunch of your money to save one of these fine animals from a life they do not deserve!

    Equine Rescue is an awesome organization that helps remove neglected and abused horses from situations and relocate them to loving, responsible homes.  It is my honor to assist and donate when and where I can!


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