• Sand Creek Soap at the 2015 Fort Mill Strawberry Festival May 17, 2015



    Sand Creek will be at the Strawberry Festival this year!

    Sand Creek Soaps is getting ready to vend at our local Strawberry Festival.  The first weekend in May is generally the time Fort Mill puts on its annual Strawberry Festival.. Only in existence for 6 years now, we regularly are awarded Best Festival in South Carolina by some authority that probably doesn’t really matter a lot but it sounds good!

    This was my first year there, in fact it was my first big festival that I have done.  My spot on the surface seemed like a prime spot.  Right off the main entrance, we watched foot traffic by the hundreds…walk right by us.  WTF?  Prime spot, beautiful day, what could possibly go wrong?  HA  Apparently there is a sign and a dispenser for plastic bags for dog waste right in front of my tent as it originally sat.  Now I am pretty easy to get along with but having people battle the sign to get to my tables was not something I could accept.  So we turned my tent around.  Now my back is to all the people streaming…by.  That’s OK, I’ll get them as they are coming through this big open area to leave.  Nope.  Magic gutter, spinning pieces of gutter while he hawks his product distracts everyone as they try to get the hell out of there as quick as they can.

    But guessFace Painting at the festival. Summertime Fun!! what?  That big open field was a great place to let Julian run and play so he wasn’t confined to a 10 x 10 tent all day.  That big tree we were under kept us from getting too hot until late in the afternoon Saturday.  I could not have been any closer to the vendor parking lot which was two blocks away.  The people down on Craft Row had a heck of a hike to their cars.

    Could I have made more money in a better location?  Maybe.  Do I care?  Hell no!  We had a blast, we sold well over my minimum, make me happy, number and I/we met some really nice people that we will probably be seeing again!

    So I am calling it a WIN.  Peace

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